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Nov. 14, 2018

There exists a phenomena that is such a huge part of life yet it remains a mystery and secret to most human beings. It is integral, recurrent, and critical to our living life successfully, but it seems to elude us. It is an intangible and invisible dimension of Life. We hear references about it quite often, we've all heard it called by name, and yet it remains an enigma to most of us. I believe that if we fully understood and embraced this very important aspect of life, the quality of our lives would improve exponentially. What am I speaking of? I'm glad you asked. It is called "the process."

How many times have you been going through situations in life and realized yourself or were told by others about "the process" in various ways. You are going through a trial and your supportive community tells you, "oh, it's just a process" you are going through, "everything is a process." We also are encouraged to "honor the process " and to "trust the process" in life's events. Although we all know these adages quite well, to actually engage them practically in our lives is another story.

In the drama, disappointments, struggles, unexpected occurrences, sufferings, trials, tribulations, tests and challenges of life, we usually forget about this concept called "the process." Most of the time we are dragged around quite a bit by our feelings and circumstances before we tell ourselves, "I understand, or realize that this (adversity) is part of a process, "the process." Theoretically, it seems like such an easy and useful tool to implement when we are faced with life's challenges. However, most of us do not reach for it. It's almost like the movie "Groundhog Day", where the same thing keeps happening over and over again and we act like each time is the first time. Sometimes it is the same exact thing, most often it's not, but it is the same kind of thing. It's a challenge, a battle, something that needs to be done, achieved, handled, managed or taken care of. The problem is that we want it resolved IMMEDIATELY and it almost "never" is. In our slow awakening process of realizing that this challenge or situation is going to take some time to resolve, we usually come to some version of "accepting the process". We know that it will take more time to be complete. When we get to this point, at the very least, it gives us room to breathe. We can begin to think more clearly, become more patient, and perhaps come up with new ideas or approaches to the situation. It allows us to gain perspective.

If we all could somehow just realize and embrace this concept quicker, we would probably fare much better in life. We definitely have less stress when we tap into the reality and awareness of this inexplicable and glorious dynamic called "the process". It reminds me of that saying that "Man plans and God directs." In actuality this is really the living part of Life. It is where life occurs. It is life on the court. "The process" is universal.

Today I am encouraging you even as encourage myself, to actually expect "the process", accept "the process" and finally to trust "the process." I know it sounds trite, but it is so real.

We can face our situations and "honor the process" or we can do what human beings usually do, which is to ruminate, worry and stress about stuff ad infinitum. Doing these things however, does not resolve anything and leaves us upset and frustrated. Here's an affirmation that we can say to whatever life situations we are dealing with:

"______________ (name the problem/issue/circumstance) Today I realize that I am "in a process" with this. I accept the process and I am willing to go through it, however long it takes and I trust that everything will work out.

What we are usually say in conjunction with acknowledging "the process" is that "everything takes time." Perhaps "the process" is a nickname for "time". Anyway, at the end of it all, whatever you are "going through" give it some time. Make room for "the process" and allow things to move forward and unfold. When you do this Grace and Peace become available to you.



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