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April 25, 2018

As I am always reflecting on life, or more so, being "present" to life on a moment by moment basis, the word "quality" jumped up at me; that is "quality of life". I began to think about the fact that we all, every human being on the planet, wants, even yearns for "a better life." We are actually created from deep within to want more, to want better. I wondered, though, "what does that really mean?"

Immediately I heard the chorus of humanity, a definite majority say, of course having a better life would mean "HAVING MORE". Unanimously and loudly they said, first and foremost a better life would happen immediately if I had, MORE MONEY! Having more money would SOLVE every problem that I have right now. Hello, everybody "knows" (believes) this! The reality is that we all know (deep down inside) that it's a lie, an untruth. We all know people personally and famously (celebrities and such) who testify to the fact that it is untrue by virtue of their well publicized personal tragedies and disasters; ranging from addictions to suicides. On a personal note, most of us probably know people who are "well off", "made" or wealthy, and they are some of the most miserable, nasty or arrogant people you have ever met. Certainly, they are not the kind of people you enjoy or choose to be around (if it weren't for their money!)

When we look at our own personal lives and think about our stresses and problems be they personal, health, family situations, job situations, money issues, or whatever; we all search for the moment and the space of Peace. It really all begins with a moment; a moment to breathe, a moment to think, a moment to pray, a moment to do nothing, a moment to be still, a moment to relax, a moment to re-calibrate, a moment to encourage ourselves... "A MOMENT!" These moments are the eternities that we truly want to abide in, to dwell in...forever. So for now, for today, as we "begin" this reflection on having a better quality of life, let us take a moment "to Be" in the question of "what does having a quality life mean to me?" And please, go deep. Look within yourself and then look around your life. Think about what is really important to you; in your bones, your guts, and most importantly in your Spirit. Consider the experiences, occasions or perhaps, relationships that truly bring you joy. Discern the "precious" moments in your life and s t a y in the inquiry for a while!

I'll be back soon to touch base with you on this again!

Loving I Am,


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