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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NEW BEIN' a pioneering business in the Natural Hair Care Industry. New Bein' has been at the forefront setting the standards in Natural Hair Care and innovating products for natural hairstyles (Locs, Braids & Twists) since 1992!

We wrote the book on "Hairlocking!" Created one of the first lines of all natural hair care products for Locs, Braids & Twists. Created the first Natural Hair Conference in NYC, INTERTWINED. Innovated, created and introduced Hair Jewelry for Locs, Braids & Twists into the Natural Hair Care Industry creating the largest collections of Hair Jewelry in the nation. Introduced new and exclusive lines of cultural and one of a kind Ponytail Holders for Locs, Braids & Twists. And we are still still creating and innovating for your natural hair Glory!

By phone:
347.674.1434 (between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST)

By email:

Shipping Information:


You will receive your products within one week from the date you place your order.

You will receive an email notification when your order has shipped.


To place an International order please contact us directly by emailing us at:


We will always accept returns that meet the following requirements; otherwise they will be returned to the sender.

Shipping and Handling charges for return and exchange items will be paid by the customer.

We will accept product returns up to 14 days from the day of shipment.

Prior authorization is required for return items. Contact our office prior to sending a return.

Goods must be accompanied with complete customer info, an invoice number and date.

Full credit will be given on returns due to our error. If the wrong item was sent in your package or something is missing, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your package.

All items outside of the US will be charged an additional $8.00 processing fee.

Return credits will be returned to your credit card, or mailed to you by check if not paid by credit card. Credits totaling less than $20 will be carried on account as a credit.

We will not make exchanges unless it is part of a new $50 minimum order.

learance items are styles that we have discontinued or items that we have overstocked.

CLEARANCE ITEMS The Clearance items you find here are quality pieces at bargain prices. These items are sold while supplies last.

ALL Clearance Hair Jewelry come with the press on closure (not the slide on). The sizes of the pieces vary from small to large. The pieces can used as Hair Jewelry or Body Jewelry.

All clearance items are FINAL SALE; they are non-returnable - as is.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Fact #1 New feature: All simply slide onto the hair easily. No fuss, no bother, no loss!

Fact #2 All metals are pewter and tin based if they are not sterling silver. All are high quality casts and last well. The silver usually does not discolor. The gold tones are apt to discolor with time. What causes the discoloration is products in the hair, perspiration – salt, and other excretions from the body. In most cases, the beauty and integrity of the adornments is maintained. Putting one coat of Clear finger nail polish will help preserve the color longer. The average life span of a piece is minimally 6 months and can last for many years.

Fact #3 It is okay to wash your hair with the hair jewelry in it; soap and water is good for it. You do not need to take them all out before washing your hair. If it comes out in the wash simply replace it afterward. We recommend that you remove the Hair Jewelry if you are doing a complete coloring. For touch ups it's usually not necessary.

Fact #4 Locks are naturally diverse. Within an average head of locks there are usually a variation of small, medium and large locs. With the New Bein’ Hair Jewelry, there is usually at least one loc that any of these adornments can fit on. Currently, our Hair Peaces (tubes) come a fixed size, but we do have a good selection of all sizes: small, medium and large. The Hair Charms come in 3 custom sizes: small (sisterloc size), medium (average size) and large (thick locs, braids or twists). You can specify which one you need.

Fact #5 New Bein’ Hair Jewelry usually comes in 2 main finishes; silver and gold (antique or bright). Some are available in copper. Currently most of our stock is in silver and gold

HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: New Bein’ prides itself on maintaining a product ethic of 100% all natural hair care products. Our products are made of all natural ingredients; no chemical or synthetic preservatives, no alcohol, animal fats or animal by products, no beeswax, and no lanolin. Our products are truly food—nourishment for your hair!

DISCLAIMER: Although our products are 100% all natural, in some rare instances an ingredient may cause an allergic reaction on certain individuals. In case of any allergic or other reaction, discontinue use immediately. Answer any questions that buyers are likely to have such as how they can check an order’s status, how can they contact you if they have immediate questions, or what shipping options your store offers.
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