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Gold Silver Fleck Style One
About New Bein'
Abstract Crystal Marcasite Hair Jewel Ponytail Holder
Abstract Onyx Marcasite Hair Jewel Ponytail Holder
Adinkra Pempemsie 1
African Ashanti Fertility Doll Hair Charm
African Brass Large Disc Ponytail Holders Unisex
African Brass Medallion Notched Ponytail Holder
African Brass Plate Unisex Ponytail Holders
African Brass Radial
African Comb Duafe Adinkra Charm Ear Cuff
Amber Ponytail Holders
Amethyst Crystal Birthstone Hair Jewel
Amoeba Silver Metal Ponytail Holder
Ancient Metal Hair Tube
Angel Hair Charm
Ankh Egyptian Puffed
Ankh Long Bright Gold Ponytail Holder
Ankh Long Brush Silver Unisex Hair Tie
Ankh Long Gold Ponytail Holder
Ankh Long Silver Ponytail Holder
Ankh Peacock Drape Silver Headdress
Ankh Ponytail Holder Antique Silver One
Ankh Ring
Ankh Small Hair Loc Charm
Antique Gold Crystal Filigree
Antique Silver Wire Hair Jewelry 1
Antique Silver Wire Hair Jewelry Style 2
Aquarius Water Bearer
Aries Ram
Art Deco
Art Deco Hematite
Art Deco Metal Hair Tube
Art Deco Rust
Autumn Corona Crystal Hair Jewel Ponytail Holder
Baby Elephant Hair Charm
Bali Hair Tube Free
Balloon Wedding Pearl
Banner Wire Freestyle Hair Jewelry
Baroque Fancy Hair Bead Cuff
Basketweave Silver Hair Bead Cuff
Bead Collar Siam
Beaded Braid Bracelets
Beehive Hair Tube
Bells Ear Cuff Filigree Charm Silver Gold
Berry Wire Spiral Lineage Hair Jewelry
Black Bead Collar
Black Chain Headband Free
Black Filigree Brooch
Black Glitter Facet
Black Gold Bead Collar
Black Gold Exquisite
Black Gold Glitter Hair Jewel
Black Hole
Black Hole Silver Hair Bead Cuff
Black Radial One
Black Scribe
Black Silver Headband Free
Black Spike Crystal Band
Black Weave Headband Free
Bling Bullion Standard Hair Jewel
Blizzard Loc Nest
Blonde Nuggets
Bloodstone Octagon Ponytail Holder
Blue Hex Loc Blossom Hair Jewel
Blue Iris Bead Collar
Blue Majesty Crystal Facet Ponytail Holder
Blue Mosaic Glitter Hair Jewel
Blue Spiral Double Coil
Bold Gold Wire Freestyle Five
Bow Down
Braid Freestyle Two
Braid Lavender
Braid Peacock
Braid Purple Iris
Branch Silver Metal Hair Bead Tube
Brass Buddha Knot Web Ponytail Holder
Brass Gyname' Loc Ponytail Holder Unisex
Brass Gyname' Medallion Ponytail Holder
Brass Gyname' Ponytail Holder One
Brass Gyname' Unisex Dreadlock Ponytail Holder Braids Twists Locs
Brass Hieroglyphic Ankh Ponytail Holder
Brass Infinity Mandala
Brass Mandela Medium Warm 1
Brass Oval Plate
Brass Spindle Earth Beads Men's Dreadlock Holder
Brass Trim Mandala
Bright Gold Wire Hair Jewelry Freestyle 4
Bright Red Birthstone Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Bright Silver Abstract Freestyle 5
Bright Silver Freestyle One
Bright Silver Glitter
Bright Silver Hair Ring
Bright Silver Wire Freestyle Two
Bronze Brooch Ponytail
Bronze Cuff
Brooch Ponytail Holders
Brown Weave Headband Free
Brush Hair Tube
Brush Swirl Hair Cuff
Brushed Etched Hair Bead Cuff
Bubbles Silver Hair Bead Cuff
Burgundy Spiral Coil
Butterfly Hair Charm Antique Silver
Calm Blue Glitter Hair Jewel
Cancer Crab
Capricorn Goat
Casbah Mosaic Hair Jewel
Celtic Cross Hair Charm
Chain Headband Bronze Free
Charming Color Crystals
Charming Colorful Crystals
Charming Emerald
Charming Purple
Charming Royal Blue
Charming Topaz
Charming Turquoise
Checker Brush Hair Tube
Cherry Red Crystal Royal Scepter Hair Jewel
Christ The King
Christ Wish
Cirdot Hair Nugget
Cirque Hair Bead Band Silver
Clear Crystal Angel Silver Wings Hair Charm
Clear Crystal Brooch
Clear Crystal Silver Flower Jewel Ponytailer
Clear Flatdrop
Clef Note Sisterloc Charm
Cobalt Blue Gold
Cobalt Blue Spiral Double Coil
Cobalt Blue Spiral Freestyle
Coil Charms
COIL Colors
Coils Hair Bead Antique Silver
Color Crystal Bands
Comet Loc Nest
Concave Hair Tube
Contact Us
Convergence Hair Bead Free
Copper Art Wire Loc Jewelry
Copper Freestyle Wire Two
Copper Glitter Lantern Hair Jewel
Copper Glitter Rose Hair Jewel
Copper Glitter Three
Copper Gold Hair Sculpture One
Copper Gold Thin Wire 2
Copper Gold Thin Wire Hi Jewelry 3
Copper Gold Thin Wire Style 4
Copper Gold Wire Hair Jewelry
Copper Lotus Ankh
Copper Sisterloc Coil
Copper Stride Wire Hair Jewelry
Copper Thick Freestyle 11
Copper Thin Freestyle 4
Copper Thin Style 5
Copper Wire Freestyle Hair Jewelry 10
Copper Wire Freestyle One
Copper Wire Hair Jewelry
Copper Wire Loc Adornment
Copper Wire Thick Freestyle Three
Cornish Blue 1
Cornish Blue Three
Cornish Blue Two
Cornish Blue Wire Lineage Spiral Hair Jewelry
Corona Clear Crystal
Corsage Hair Bead
Cowrie Coil Hot Pink
Cowrie Coil Royal Blue
Cowrie Coil Silver
Cowrie Shell Coil Lime
Cowrie Shell Hair Charms Silver Gold Copper
Cowrie Shell Health Strength Life Ankh Udjat Seneb
Cowrie Shell African Fertility Ashanti Doll
Cowrie Shell Ankh Lotus Blossom
Cowrie Shell Ankh Puffed Hair Charm
Cowrie Shell Bells Hair Charm
Cowrie Shell Coil Black
Cowrie Shell Coil Green
Cowrie Shell Coil Red
Cowrie Shell Coil Turquoise
Cowrie Shell Earth
Cowrie Shell Fairy Hair Charm
Cowrie Shell Feather Charm
Cowrie Shell Flower Ponytail Holder
Cowrie Shell Hieroglyphic Scarab
Cowrie Shell Lotus Blossom Silver
Cowrie Shell Man In Moon Charm
Cowrie Shell Matt
Cowrie Shell Pairs
Cowrie Shell Peace Sign
Cowrie Shell Picasso
Cowrie Shell Ponytail Holders
Cowrie Shell Sand Dollar Hair Charm
Cowrie Shell Scarab Hair Charm
Cowrie Shell Shiny
Cowrie Shell Silver Ankh Large
Cowrie Shell Snake Gold Beads Ponytail Holder
Cowrie Shell Thick Ankh Hair Charm
Crest Buckle
Crisscross Hair Tube Free
Crisscross Metal Hair Tube
Cross Bones Hair Bead
Crown Crystal Loc Blossom Hair Jewel
Crown Jewels Writngs by QueenNE
Crown Metal Ponytail Holder Silver
Crown Ponytail Holders Silver Metal
Crown Silver Metal Ponytail Holder
Crown Silver Ponytail Holder One
Crusade Buckle Leather Band
Crystal Angel Pale Green Silver Wings Hair Charm
Crystal Ball Hair Jewels
Crystal Ball Temple Green Gold
Crystal Bands
Crystal Bling Bands
Crystal Chandelier Hair Jewel Two
Crystal Cherry Red Band
Crystal Clear Angel Silver Wings Hair Charm
Crystal Cobalt Blue Band
Crystal Crown Jewel 3
Crystal Crown Jewel Clear One
Crystal Crown Jewels
Crystal Cube Gold Facet Hair Jewel
Crystal Facet Hexagon Ponytail Jewel Holder
Crystal Filigree Brooch
Crystal Gold Balance
Crystal Gold Bling Hair Jewel
Crystal Gold Hair Jewel Style Four
Crystal Green Band
Crystal Hair Jewel Silver Style Four
Crystal Hair Jewel Silver Two
Crystal Hair Jewel Style Three
Crystal Loc Jewel Gold One
Crystal Mink Band
Crystal Pear Drop
Crystal Purple Assymmetrical Hair Jewel
Crystal Ruby Red
Crystal Sapphire Band
Crystal Winged Angel Hair Charms
Cyclone Loc Nest
Dark Amber Balling
Dark Amber Coin Trio
Dark Silver Black
Dark Topaz Filigree Brooch
Destiny Tag Large
Diamond Dot Hair Bead Cuff
Diamond Hair Tube Tall Silver
Diamond Pearl Hair Jewel Bullion
Diva Hair Charm
Double Coils
Double Spiral Coils
Duafe Adinkra African Comb Silver Ebony
Duafe Comb Ponytail Holders
Duafe Comb Silver
Dusk Loc Nest
Ear Cuffs Silver Gold Filigree Charms
Earth Angel Brown Crystal Hair Charm
Earth Stone Glee
Earth Stone Limelight
Earthjoy Pale Pink smooth
Earthly Loc Nest
Earthtone Wooden Tie Free
Egyptian Ankh Ear Cuff Gold
Egyptian Ankh Silver Metal Hair Cuff Bead
Egyptian Blue Crystal Teardrop Hair Jewel
Egyptian Ear Cuff Health Strength Life
Egyptian Goddess Auset Gold Ponytail Holder Locs
Egyptian Goddess Ma'at Antique Gold Ponytail Holder
Egyptian Goddess Ma'at Gold Metal Ponytail Holder Natural Hairstyles
Egyptian Khemetic Ankh Ponytail Holders Unisex Silver Gold
Egyptian Lotus Ankh Filigree Ear Cuff
Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Ear Cuff Silver
Egyptian Scarab Turquoise Unisex Ponytail Holder
Elephant Small Hair Charm
Embrace Wrap Wire Hair Jewelry
Emerald Crystal Swag
Emerald Diamond Crystal Hair Jewel
Emerald Facet Crystal Birthstone Hair Jewel
Emerald Silver Drop
Emerald Teardrop Crystal Hair Jewel
Enamel Hair Tubes
Enthralled Wire Hair Jewelry
Envy Wire Wrap Hair Jewelry
Evening Loc Nest
Eye of Heru
Eye of Heru Hair Charm
Eye See Silver Hair Bead Cuff
Facet Blue Metallic Band
Facet Crystal Hair Jewel Adornments
Facet Dark Topaz Band
Facet Gold Band
Facet Green Metallic Band
Facet Hematite Grey Band
Facet Purple Crystal Band
Fairy Loc Charm Silver Gold
Falocn Wings
Fancy Scrollwork
Feather Gold Hair Charm
Feather Hair Charm Antique Silver
Female Symbol Sterling
Fertility Ashanti Doll
Fiery Hair Tube Free
Fiery Silver Hair Bead
Fire Smoke Hair Bead Free
Firesmoke Hair Bead
Fleur De Lis Silver
Flower Crystals
Flower Hair Bead Gold
Forest Loc Nest
Free Gift Offers
Free Gifts
Freestyle Cobalt Blue One
Freestyle Color Wire
Freestyle Cornish One
Freestyle Green
Freestyle Green One
Freestyle Green Three
Freestyle Neon Green 3
Freestyle Neon Green Five
Freestyle Neon Green Four
Freestyle Red 1
Freestyle Silver Braid 1
Freestyle, Turquoise 2
Fuchsia Crystal Teardrop
Fuchsia Metallic Headband Free
Fully Covered Brass
G Clef Red
Gemini Twins
Gemstone Ponytail Holders
Geometric Hair Bead Cuff
Geometric Hair Tube
Geometric Hair Tube
Glitter Crown Jewel Hair
Goddess Filigree Loc Hair Charm
Goddess Ma'at Antique Gold One
Goddess Ma'at Antique Silver Metal Ponytail
Goddess Ma'at Egyptian Antique Silver Ponytail
Goddess Ma'at Egyptian Metal Ponytail Holders
Goddess Ma'at Egyptian Silver Women's Ponytail
Goddess Ma'at Khemetic Silver Women's Ponytail
Goddess Ma'at Ponytail Holders Large Metal
Goddess Ma'at Silver Mahogany Ponytail Holder
Goddess Maat Antique Gold One
Gold Abstract
Gold Bar Coil Charm
Gold Black Glitter Crown Jewel !
Gold Blue Glitter Key Hair Jewel
Gold Braid Two
Gold Chain Red Velvet Beaded Fringe Headdress
Gold Double Coil
Gold Freestyle Wire Hair Jewelry 5
Gold Glitter Crown Jewel 1
Gold Glitter Lounge Hair Jewel
Gold Metal Ponytail Holders Assortment
Gold Montana Blue
Gold Palace Hair Jewel Style 2
Gold Plain Two
Gold Queen Nefertiti Ponytail Holder 3
Gold Rhinestone Bling Hair Jewel
Gold Rope Freestyle Three
Gold Silver Etch One
Gold Silver Fleck Coil
Gold Silver Fleck Freestyle Twist
Gold Silver Fleck Style Two
Gold Silver Fleck Three
Gold Silver Fleck Wire Hair Jewelry
Gold Sisterloc Coil
Gold Sunlight Coil Charm
Gold Tassel Chain Fringe Headdress
Gold Temple Hair Jewel Style 5
Gold Temple Loc Jewel Style 4
Gold Top Hat10
Gold White Helix Bracelet Free
Gold Wire Hair Jewelry Freestyle Designs
Gold Wire Links
Gold Wire Spiral Stair Wire Hair Jewelry
Golden Band
Golden Drop
Golden Facet Drop
Golden Facets Ponytail Holder
Golden Filigree
Golden Golden
Golden Nugget Cross
Golden Pyramid
Golden Swirlee
Grain Silver Metal Hair Tube
Grapevine Antique Silver Hair Tube
Green Double Spiral Coil
Green Gold
Green Gold Set
Green Lime Gemstone Ponytail Holder
Green Spiral Lineage Wire Hair Jewelry
Green Triple Gold
Grey Facets
Gyname Adinkra Ring
Gyname Adinkra Symbol Ear Cuff
Gyname' Adinkra Symbol Loc Ponytail Holders
Gyname' Brass Adinkra Symbol Medallion Ponytail Holder
Gyname' Gold Ebony Ponytail Holder
Gyname' Light Oak
Gyname' Loc Ponytail Holder Silver Metal Medallion Unisex
Gyname' Ring (silver)
Gyname' Silver Medallion Unisex Loc Ponytail Holder
Gyname' Silver Medallion Adinkra Symbol Ponytail Accessory
Gyname' Silver Metal Medallion Loc Ponytail Holder Original Nubian NYC
Gyname' Silver Metal Unisex Ponytail Holder Tie
Gyname' Symbol Brass Medallion Ponytail Holder
Gyname' Symbol Cowrie Shell Loc Adornment Silver Gold
Hair Band: Portals
Hair Bullion Jewel The Standard
Hair Care Products
Hair Charm Heart Wavy
Hair Charm, King Tut
Hair Charms Locs Dreadlocks Braids Twists Natural Hair
Hair Coil Charm Brown 1
Hair Coil Charm Brown 2
Hair Coil Charm Brown 3
Hair Coil Charm Gold Blue
Hair Coil Charm Gold Red
Hair Coil Charm Green 2
Hair Coil Charm Green 3
Hair Coil Charm Merlot 1
Hair Coil Charm Red 2
Hair Coil Charm Red 3
Hair Coil Charm Rose Plum
Hair Coil Charm Turquoise 3
Hair Spiral Cobalt Blue
Hair Spiral Coral
Hair Spiral Cornish Blue
Hair Spiral Dark Brown
Hair Spiral Dark Green Iris
Hair Spiral Green
Hair Spiral Hematite
Hair Spiral Light Gold
Hair Spiral Red
Hair Spiral Red small
Hair Spiral Saphire Blue Iris
Hair Spiral Sky Blue
Hair Spirals
Hair Tube Flower small
Hair Tube, Simple Fleur
Hair Tube: Link
Hair Tubes
Headdress Gold Green Beaded Fringe
Headdresses Chain Nubian Original Handmade African Queen
Heart Filigree Silver
Heart Love Hair Cuff Bead
Hearts Hair Tube Cuff Bright Gold
Helix Bracelets
Helix Orange
Helix Roots
Hematite Gold Helix Bracelet Free
Hematite Round
Hieroglyphic Brass Ankh Unisex Ponytail Holder
Holes Hair Tube Free
Holes Small Hair Tube Free
Hoopla Hair Tube
Hot Pink Teardrop Crystal Hair Jewel
Humility Part 1
I Ching Coin
I Ching Coin Small
Indian Blue Crystal Band
Indian Hair Beads
Iridescent Purple Prismatic Hair Jewel
Italian Marble Coral Ponytail Holder
Ivory Hair Tube Free
Kelly Green Double Crystal
Large Hair Spirals
Large Snake Cowrie Shell Ponytail Holder Wood Beads
Lavender Braid Bracelet
Lavender Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Leather Brass Cross
Leather Brass Diamond
Leather Five Stars
Leather Pyramid Caps Spikes
Leather Shield
Leather Spindle
Leather Viking Buckle
Leo Lion
Libra Scales
Light Gold Freestyle Five
Light Gold Wire Hair Jewelry Freestyle 2
Light Gold Wire Hair Jewelry Style 3
Light Green Teardrop Crystal Hair Jewel
Lime Green Spiral Lineage Wire Hair Jewelry
Lime Sisterloc Coil
Lime Wire Wrap Hair Jewelry Sublime
Limon Freestyle Wire Hair Jewelry
Lineage Spiral Cobalt Style 2
Lineage Spiral Wire Charms
Liy Pad Hair Bead
Loc Blossom Cube Crystal Hair Jewel
Loc Blossom Dusk Hair Jewel
Loc Blossom Golden Sphere Hair Jewel
Loc Blossom Hair Jewels
Loc Blossom Pink Champagne Crystal
Loc Hair Cuffs Beads Bands BraidsNatural Hair
Loc Jewelry
Loc Jewelry Braids Twists Dreadlocks Natural Hair Charms Beads Cuffs
Loc Nest Wire Hair Jewelry
Long Ankh
Long Ankh Ponytail Holder Antique Silver Textured Unisex
Long Textured Ankh Ponytail Holder Silver Gold
Loops Hair Bead Cuff
Lotus Blossom Amazonite
Lotus Blossom Etch Flower Silver Ponytail Holder
Lotus Blossom Gold Ponytail Holder
Lotus Blossom Ponytail Holders
Lotus Cups Hair Bead Cuff
Lotus Dusk
Lotus Pad
Lotus Stem Hair Jewel
Ma'at Egyptian Goddess Antique Silver Large
Ma'at Silver Metal Natural Hair Locs Braids Ponytail Accessory Nubian
Maat Black Gold Ponytail Holder
Maat Egyptian Goddess Hair Charm
Magenta Spiral Lineage Wire Hair Jewelry
Magnesite Nugget Ponytail Holder
Male Symbol
Maroon Gold Headband Free
Medium Ankh
Medium Brown Amber
Men Dreadlock Ties Holders
Men's Dreadlock Silver Black Horn Loc Holder Tie
Men's Leather Loc Bands
Mens Kings Rings
Mens Pyramids Stars
Menyet Collection - Bead Collars
Metallic Bands
Metallic Blue Round
Metallic BlueTeardrop
Metallic Gold Facet Crystal Bullion
Metallic Gold Pear Drop
Metallic Pink Spiral Large
Metallic Red Headband
Metallic Silver Facet Crystal 3
Metallic Silver Pear Drop
Midnight Glitter
Mink Charm Round
Mink Hair Jewel
Mint Green Crystal Facet Jewel Ponytailer
Moon In Man Hair Charm
Mosaic Cobalt
Mosaic Old Gold
Mosaic Orange
Mosaic Red
Mosaic Sky Blue
Musical Note Ear Cuff
My Blog: BeYouTFull Life
Natural Hair Loc Ponytail Holders Handmade Dreads Braids Twists
Navy Blue Gold Headband Gold
Nefertiti Ponytail Holders Silver Gold
Neon Green Freestyle One
Neon Green Freestyle Two
Neon Green Spiral Double Coil
Neptunes Treasure Hair Jewel
New Additions
NEW BEIN' Showroom Store BKNY
Nugget Hair Bead
NuRing Brown Copper 1
NuRing Earth 1
NuRing Earth 2
NuRing Earth 3
NuRing Earth 4
NuRing Gold 1
NuRing Gold 2
NuRing Gold 3
NuRing Gold 4
NuRing Gold 5
NuRing Gold 6
NuRing Gold 7
NuRing Merlot 1
NuRing Merlot 2
NuRing Rasta 1
NuRing Rasta 2
NuRing Rasta 3
NuRing Rasta 4
NuRing Rasta 5
NuRing Rasta 6
NuRing Roots 2
NuRing Roots 4
NuRing Silver 1
NuRing Silver 2
NuRing Silver 5
NuRing Silver 6
NuRing Trini
NuRing Trini 1
NuRing Trini 2
NuRing Trini 3
NuRing Trini 4
NuRings Earth
NuRings Gold
NuRings Roots 3
Ocean Blue Crystal Ball Hair Jewel
Ocean Seashell
Old Gold White Helix Bracelet
Olivine Facet Gold Crystal Bullion
Olivine Facet Silver Crystal Bullion
Om Sanskrit Charm Ear Cuff
Om Symbol Hair Charm
Onyx Silver Eye Ponytail Holder
Opaque Teardrop Crystal
Opening Softly
Orange Bead Collar
Orange Charm
Orange Gold
Orange Gold Set
Orange Helix Bracelet
Orange Jade Ponytail Holder
Orange Sisterloc Coil
Orange Triple Gold
Palace All Silver Gold Loc Jewels
Peace Symbol Hair Charm
Peacock Bird
Peacock Blue Crystal Swag Hair Charm
Peacock Blue Lineage Spiral Wire Hair Jewelry
Peacock Braid Bracelet
Peacock Crystal Ball
Peacock Feather
Peacock Glitter Three
Peacock Glitter Two
Peacock Gold
Peacock Green Facet Hair Jewel
Peacock Iridescent Hair Jewel
Peacock Mosaic
Peacock Scarab Loc Hair Jewel
Peacock Shadow Hair Jewel Charm
Peacock Strut
Peridot Crystal Band
Peridot Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Petal Hair Tube Free
Petite Flower Hair Tube Free
Petite Goddess Sterling
Pine Green Gold
Pine Sisterloc Coil
Pink Champagne Crystal Angel Hair Charm
Pink Nugget
Pink Passion Wire Hair Jewelry
Pink Red Crystal
Pink Silver Headband Free
Pink Sky Blue Crystal
Pink Topaz Crystal
Pisces Fish
Plain Freestyle One
Plain Freestyle Three
Plain Tube Antique Silver
Plum Crystal Ball Hair Jewel
Plum Rose Charming
Ponytail Emerald
Ponytail Holder Closeout Sale
Ponytail Sapphire Smooth
Ponytail Tie Free Gift
Princess Aquamarine
Princess Crown Hair Charm
Princess Hair Jewels
Prism Ball Crystal Hair Jewel
Prosperity Green Softly Twisted
Puffed Ankh Silver Loc Ponytail Holder
Purple 1
Purple Antique Gold Tock Hair Jewel
Purple Balls Hair Jewel Charm
Purple Charm Round
Purple Charming
Purple Crowned
Purple Crystal
Purple Crystal Royal Sceptor Hair Jewel
Purple Delight
Purple Empress Hair Jewel Charm
Purple Gold Glitter Hair Jewel
Purple Hair Crystal Silver Small
Purple Iris Braid Bracelet
Purple Majesty
Purple Metallic Headband
Purple Metallic Round
Purple Nugget
Purple Passion Wire Hair Jewelry
Purple Peacock
Purple Peacock Colors Hair Jewels Charms
Purple Reign
Purple Silver Bod Hair Jewel
Purple Sisterloc Coil
Purple Skirt
Purple Splendor
Purple Teardrop Crystal Hair Jewel
Purple Violet Crystal
Purple World
Pyramid Eye Dark Red
Pyramid Eye Egyptian Hair Charm
Pyramid Eye Marble
Pyramid Eye Rust
Pyramid Large
Queen Cleopatra Gold Silver Loc Charm
Queen Nefertiti Bust Ponytail Silver 2
Queen Nefertiti Gold Ponytail Holder 1
Queen Nefertiti Golden Ponytail Holder
Queen Nefertiti Loc Ponytail Holder
Queen Nefertiti Loc Ponytail Holder 4
Queen Nefertiti Ponytail Holder 3
Queen Nefertiti Silver Loc Ponytail Holder 5
Queen Nefertiti Silver Metal Ponytail Holder
Queen Nefertiti Silver Three
Queen Nefertiti Silver Two
Queen's Heirloom Crystal Bling Ponytail Jewel Holders
QueenNE Consulting Services
Queens Dome
Range Hair Bead Gold
Rasta Braid Twist
Rasta Color Crown Jewel Hair 8
Rasta Color Crystal Crown Hair Jewel
Rasta Color Crystal Hair Jewel
Rasta Colors Crystal Hair Jewel One
Rasta Crown Jewel 6
Rasta Crystal Crown Jewel 2
Rasta Crystal Crown Jewel 3
Rasta Crystal Crown Jewel 4
Rasta Freestyle 2
Rasta Freestyle 4
Rasta Roots Wire Crystal Hair Jewelry
Rasta Stripe
Red Bead Collar
Red Charm Round
Red Coil Charm Drop
Red Crystal Angel Silver Wings Hair Adornment Charm
Red Crystal Ball Hair Jewel
Red Cuff
Red Diamond Hair Bead Free
Red Drop
Red Droplet
Red Fire Ball
Red Freestyle Two
Red Lineage Spiral Wire Hair Jewelry
Red Siam Freestyle One
Red Sisterloc Coil
Red Smooth Stone
Red Spiral Double Coil
Reflect Hair Tube
Regal Crown Queen Heirlooms Collection
Reroute Wire Wrap Hair Jewelry
Reveal Gold Hair Cuff
Rhinestone Silver Band
Rhinestone Strand Headdress
Romance Silver Hair Cuff Bead Tube
Roots Crystal 1
Roots Crystal Crown Jewel 3
Roots Crystal Crown Jewel 5
Roots Hair Bead
Roots Hair Bead Free
Roots Helix Bracelet
Roots One
Roots Stripe
Roots Swag
Rose Copper One
Rose Crystal Teardrop Hair Jewel
Rose Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Roses Hair Band
Royal Blue Charm Round
Royal Blue Crystal Teardrop
Royal Blue Drop
Royal Blue Hair Jewel
Royal Blue Metallic Headband
Royal Blue Teardrop Crystal Hair Jewel
Royal Blue Temple Petite
Royal Blue Temple Petite
Royal Colors Softly Twisted Wire
Royal Forest
Royal Scepter Color Crystal Hair Jewels
Royalty Crown Jewels
Ruby Crystal Royal Scepter Hair Jewel
Ruby Crystal Silver Winged Angel Hair Charm
Ruby Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Ruby Filigree Brooch
Ruby Filigree Brooch
Ruby Gold Set
Ruby Red Crystal
Ruby Red Crystal Ball Hair Jewel
Ruby Sisterloc Coil
Ruby Teardrop Crystal Facet Hair Jewel
Sagittarius Archer
Sand Dollar Sterling
Sankofa Adinkra Brass Medallion Ponytail Holder 1
Sankofa Adinkra Silver Ponytail Holder Style 1
Sankofa Adinkra Symbol
Sankofa Adinkra Symbol Brass Ponytail Holder
Sankofa Adinkra Symbol Loc Hair Charm
Sankofa Bird Adinkra Symbol Hair Charm
Sankofa Brass Ponytail Holder Style Three
Sankofa Brass Ponytail Holder Style Two
Sankofa Brown Red
Sankofa Ponytail Holders
Sapphire Charming
Sapphire Crystal
Sapphire Crystal Hair Jewel Royal Sceptor
Scarab Copper
Scorpio Scorpion
Sea Silver Hair Bead Cuff
Seeds Silver Hair Tube
Senna Brown Sisterloc Coil
Sequin Hair Bead Red
Sequin Hair Bead Silver
Sequin Hair Beads Free
Shing-a-ling Antique Metal Hair Tube
Siam Red
Siam Red Temple Petite
Silver Bali Hair Tube
Silver Black Glitter Loc Jewel
Silver Braid Freestyle Three
Silver Braid Freestyle Two
Silver Braid Plain Tube
Silver Braid Rope Four
Silver Braid Rope Wire Jewel Style 1
Silver Chain Headband Free
Silver Chain Helmet Headdress Adjustable
Silver Color Crystals
Silver Duo
Silver Facet Crystal Hair Jewel Two
Silver Feather Ear Cuff
Silver Feather Red Stone Ear Cuff
Silver Fleck One
Silver Fleck Wire Style 3
Silver Flower Pink Crystal
Silver Flower Purple Crystals
Silver Flower Royal Blue Crystal
Silver Freestyle Flow
Silver Galactic
Silver Glitter Crystal Hair Jewel Charm
Silver Gold Fleck Tube
Silver Gold Fleck Wire Jewel Three
Silver Gold Thin Wire Jewelry Style 3
Silver Gold Wire Loc Jewelry Thin One
Silver Large Red Crystals
Silver Lotus Blossom Ponytail Holder
Silver Metal Eye of Ra Ponytail Holder
Silver Metal Ponytail Holders
Silver Metal Wishbone Hair Cuff Bead
Silver Metallic Crystal Hair Jewel 4
Silver Metallic Crystal Hair Jewel One
Silver Metallic Headband
Silver Nugget Dreadlock Ponytail Holder
Silver NuRings
Silver NuRings
Silver Opening Metal Hair Bead Cuff
Silver Oval Turquoise Vein Ponytail Holder
Silver Pink Crystals Large
Silver Rhinestone Bullion Hair Jewel
Silver Rhinestone Bullion Hair Jewel Two
Silver Rhinestone Large
Silver Rope Freestyle Wire Style 5
Silver Rune Unisex Loc Ponytail Holder
Silver Sapphire Crystal Band
Silver Sisterloc Coil
Silver Spade Hair Bead
Silver Spiral Double Coil
Silver Topaz Crystals Large
Silver Winged Angel Green Crystal Hair Charm
Silver Wire Coil Charm
Silver Wire Hair Jewelry Freestyle Art
Single Coil Loose Cobalt Blue
Single Coil Loose Gold
Single Coil Loose Green
Single Coil Loose Lavender
Single Coil Loose Neon Green
Single Coil Loose Silver
Single Coil Loose Wine
Single Coil: Red
Sisterloc Charm Hope
Sisterloc Charm Angel
Sisterloc Charm Cowrie Shell
Sisterloc Charm Cross
Sisterloc Charm Diva
Sisterloc Charm Filigree Butterfly
Sisterloc Charm G Clef
Sisterloc Charm Heart
Sisterloc Charm Joy
Sisterloc Charm Love
Sisterloc Charm Musical Note
Sisterloc Charm Nefertiti
Sisterloc Charm Peacock Tail
Sisterloc Charm S Coil
Sisterloc Charm Sand Dollar
Sisterloc Charm Scarab
Sisterloc Charm Small Ankh
Sisterloc Charm Small Butterfly
Sisterloc Charm Star
Sisterloc Charm Tall Ankh
Sisterloc Hair Jewelry
Sitting Lion Ear Cuff Silver Gold
Skull Sex Pot Leather Band
Sky Blue Mosaic
Sky Blue Temple Petite
Small Bead Hair Spirals
Small Hair Spiral Orange
Small Hair Tubes
Smoky Rose Quartz Ponytail Holder
Soft Gold Crystal Band
Softly Twisted Style One
Softly Twisted Wire Hair Jewelry
South African Cuff Blue
South African Cuff Red
Spades Hair Bead Free
Spider Conch Shell Hair Charm
Spike Purple Iris Band
Spirals Lineage First Generation
Spirals Metal Hair Bead
Star Moon Heart Hair Tube
Star of David
Star Of David Gold Men's Dreadlock Holder
Star of David Large Gold Men's Dreadlock Holder
Star of David Loc Hair Charm
Star Silver Metal Hair Cuff Bead
Starfish Sea Star Hair Charm
Sterling Ankh
Sterling Cross Small
Sterling Silver Hair Jewelry
Sterling Single Coil
Stripe Flower Hair Band Bead
Swirl Curl Hair Tube
Swirling Softly Twisted
TAJI A Queens Eclass
TAJI Bronze Iris
TAJI Collars
TAJI Kelly
TAJI Orange
TAJI Orange Gold
TAJI Purple Gold
Taji Queen BE
TAJI Sapphire
TAJI Sapphire
TAJI Siam Red
Tan Silver Headband Free
Tan Weave Headband
Tan Weave Headband Free
Taurus Bull
Teardrop Crystal Facet Color Hair Jewels
Teardrop Crystals
Temple Collection
Temple Gold Hair Jewel One
Temple Orange Petit
Temple Red
Temple Ruby Cube
Temple Silver Metal Hair Bead Cuff
Temple Sky Blue
The "Loc" Book Everything You Need To Know
The Evolution of Hair Jewelry Hair Spirals
The Loc Book |"How To's | Info Videos
The Mosaics
Three Tier Cross
Tight Coil Cobalt
Tight Coil Green
Tight Coil Lime
Tight Coil Wire Cornish Blue
Tight Spiral Coil Wire Hair Jewelry
Topaz Brooch
Topaz Charming
Topaz Crystal Jewel Ponytail Holder
Topaz Facet Crystal Birthstone Hair Jewel
Topaz Round
Topaz Teardrop Crystal
Topaz Teardrop Facet Crystal Hair Jewel
Topaz Temple Petite
Tree Coin Hair Charm Cuff
Tricoil Loc Charm
Trim Hair Bead Silver
Trim Hair Tube Free
Trinity Collection
Trinity Thin Plain
Turquoise Diamond Crystal Royal Scepter
Turquoise Facet Crystal Birthstone
Turquoise Freestyle One
Turquoise Nugget
Turquoise Octagon Loc Ponytail Holder
Turquoise Peacock Ladder Lineage Spiral
Turquoise Ponytail Holders
Turquoise Red Hair Bead Free
Turquoise Shield
Turquoise Sisterloc Coil
Turquoise Spiral Double Coil
Turquoise Teardrop
Turquoise Wire Wrap Hair Jewelry
Twisted Sista
Twisted Wire 10
Uplifted Silver Hair Cuff Bead
Vine Antique Gold Hair Bead
Violet Blue Iris
Violet Crystal Band
Violet Crystal Facet Teardrop Hair Jewel
Violet Crystal Swag Hair Jewel
Violet Spiral Large
Violet Two
Virgo Virgin
Wave Wire Freestyle Wrap Hair Jewelry
Weave Headband Black Free
Weave Headband Brown
Wholesale Hair Accessories
Wire Coil Cowrie Shell
Wire Loc Jewelry Silver Gold Blend Nubian NYC Original
Wire Wrap Color Hair Jewelry
Wire Wrap Orbit Cobalt Blue
Ying Yang Chinese Symbol Hair Charm
Your Majesty
Zig Zag Plates
Zodiac Signs
PayPal Acceptance Mark