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ABOUT NEW BEINí HAIR JEWELRY Fact 1 New feature all simply slide onto the hair easily. No fuss, no bother, no loss

Fact 2 All metals are pewter and tin based. They are not sterling silver. All are high quality casts and last well. The silver usually does not discolor. The gold tones can discolor with time. What causes the discoloration is products in the hair, perspiration salt, and other excretions from the body. In most cases, the beauty and integrity of the adornments are maintained. Putting one coat of Clear finger nail polish will help preserve the color longer. The average life span of a basic metal hair piece varies from 6 months to a year. Some last for years and years.

Fact 3 It is okay to wash your hair with the hair jewelry in it soap and water is good for it. If it comes out in the wash that is when you should replace it. You do not need to take them all out before washing your hair. Most pieces are not even affected by coloring the hair.

Fact 4 Locks are so diverse and free that within an average head of locks they vary in size, small, medium and large locks. With the New Beiní Hair Jewelry there is usually at least one lock that any of these adornments can fit on. Currently, our Hair Peaces come in small, medium and large sizes, hole size and various lengths of the same relative size scheme: short, medium and long heights.

Fact 5 New Beiní Hair Jewelry usually comes in 2 main finishes, silver and gold. Some are available in copper.

ATTACHMENT SIZES PLEASE NOTE One size - average fits most. Please make a request in the comment box of the shopping cart if you have special needs, sisterlocs or big locs.

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