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When speaking of Power most people think in terms of dominance, aggression, control over others, loudness, fear provoking and the like. Quiet as itís kept (literally & figuratively) real power manifests almost opposite to this. Think about most people that you know that wield real power, from Barak Obama, CEOís, millionaires to powerful Sisters like Oprah and the millions of everyday powerful women and Queens who rule and reign with ease, grace and finesse. They would be characterized by a certain quiet power, harnessed power, power that chooses its battles, power that walks the talk, power thatís gentle, even meek- that is power under control. Yes, self-control, choosing when, how and if you will respond demonstrates strength and power. It is not how loud you yell, how nasty you can get, how much you can dominate others and force your will upon them; not in the least. Queen how do you exercise your power, not so much over others but over yourself and within your own personal realms? One has no real power to reign if you have not mastered the power within yourself and in your life. Is everything well within your dome (head, dominion) your Queendom? Are you feeling powerful in your life or powerless over it? Maybe itís time to reclaim your power; real power.

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