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CROWN JEWEL 1: The Greatest Tiniest power!

It is one of the most powerful tools in the Queendom…in fact, in the Universe and yet it is one of our tiniest members. With it worlds are created, life itself…It carries the “Ruah” breath of life which sustains you. It’s sharper than a double edged sword. What is this mighty scepter that you Queen have at your disposable to do with as you will? To create or destroy? To edify or debase? To sing sweet lullabies with and to soothe the savage beast. To empower or to humiliate…to savor ambrosia and drink the nectar of the Goddesses…to utter, whisper, or to scream out loud…to sob or to sing with …to coerce or implore…to speak into existence your very thoughts, desires, and visions…to calm or to enrage…to bring peace or cause war…to entwine with another’s and stir up the greatest passion …to savor the flavor…to tempt and beguile with luscious colors of red, orange and pink…to reach all of the people – children, men, sisters, mothers and sons…to worship, honor and praise the God of Creation with…to use sacredly or bless or to curse…to raise up or to tear down…It has been said that “life and death are in the power of it”. It’s been said that out of it “the issues of the heart flow”…your communication is housed in it... It is known to heal nations! Yes Queen…this Crown Jewel is very powerful! How do you rule and reign with it? How do you wield its mighty power? Life and Death are in the power of the tongue! Speak Queen! Everyone in your realm is waiting.

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