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Nekhena Evans, Receives THE MASTER PIONEER AWARD October 2011 ♦

♦ Ms. Evans authored, Hairlocking: Everything you Need to Know™ the first published

book on the practice of Hairlocking. It has sold thousands and has become known as

The Loc Bible.

♦ Created NYC's first Loc Conference: INTERTWINED Producer of seven legendary shows.

♦ Resident Producer Annual Natural Hair Show for the International African American

Arts Festival one of the largest cultural festivals in the world for the ten years.

♦ Created one of the first lines of all natural Hair Care Products for coiled textures

Hair Milk, Hair Honey, Moisturizing Shampoo and Herbal Tea Rinse.

♦ Created one of the largest collections of Hair Jewelry exclusively for Locs, Sisterlocs,

Dreadlocks, Braids & Twists worldwide. Expanded into Ponytail Holders and Hair

Accessories for natural and other hair types.


Veteran Exhibitor Vendor with over 25 years of experience exhibiting worldwide.

Renown National and International Educator, Speaker, Natural Hair Specialist

Natural Beauty Expert Consultant Natural Hair and Beauty Industry

Awards/ Honors:

Visionary Award , Brooklyn Caribbean Chambers of Commerce 2003

ADORNMENT: Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show, UK , Keynote Speaker 2004

Excellence/ Women In Small Business Award , NYC Mayor Bloomberg 2005

Pioneer Award , The New York Natural, Health and Beauty Universe 2009

The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage - The Will To Adorn

Project Master Artist 2010

Master Pioneer Award 2012, Brooklyn Museum

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