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New Beiní is a pioneering business in the ethnic hair care industry. It was conceived and built upon a commitment of fulfilling the unique and increasing needs of African American hair or Ethnic Hair. New Beiní began this endeavor by creating natural hair care products; using all natural ingredients - no beeswax, alcohol, animal fats or animal by-products, no chemicals or synthetic preservatives. In the ethnic hair market, New Beiní hair care products represents good, wholesome, nourishment for natural hair - styles and textures. After creating a superior natural hair care product line, New Beiní began rediscovering and redefining the legacies of Hair Adornment by first, sourcing hair adornments and then creating exclusive, handmade, original, one-of-a-kind designs in Hair Adornments and Ponytail Accessories for both men and women. These Hair Adornments and accessories represent the beauty, glory and regality of ancient Nubians befitting the Crowns of todayís Kings and Queens!

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Item# crisscross

Product Description

Gold Silver unisex Loc Adornment hair tube intricate crisscross design fits average Locs Braids Twists by New Bein' Brooklyn NY the Loc Jewelry store.

New Beiní (Nekhena Evans) is the Mother of modern Loc Jewelry! Hair Jewelry has existed in essence since antiquity. We have witnessed many women from ancient Queens to Movie Stars wearing various and sundry styles of fabulous hair jewels in their hair. The roots of Loc Jewelry is indigenous, tribal and ancient and is sourced directly from African culture and traditions. New Beiní has been instrumental in reviving and re-inventing the advent of Hair Jewelry in contemporary times specifically as it relates to current Natural Hairstyles like Locs, Dreadlocks, Braids and Twists. Itís also designed for those with thick, curly or coiled hair textures. All hair textures including straight hair can wear New Beiní Hair Jewelry. Loc Jewelry is the specialty of New Beiní and has been since the early 90ís. If you are looking for amazing, elegant, beautiful Hair Jewels, you will find them at New Beiní.